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Why co-pack with WG?

Familiar with the challenges of variety packs, specialty packs, product filling and displays? Ineffective.
Time-consuming. Complicated. We get it.

Your brand has undoubtedly crafted a product that consumers crave. However, it’s essential to address the capacity of your production area. While your production operates tirelessly, the current workforce might not be sufficient to handle box setup, packing, sealing and truck loading efficiently. This limitation could potentially impact productivity and overall operations.

But here's the difference:

With over 30 years of experience working with big brands as well as startups, we’ve pioneered solutions in the marketplace. Now, with the integration of robotics into our co-packing process, we address the pressing challenges of labor scarcity and cost reduction head-on.

Entrust us with your bulk product, packaging, and finished format specs, and we’ll handle all the assembly and preparation in our warehouse. No need to adjust your staffing size, halt production lines, or rearrange warehouse space. Instead, stay focused on your core strengths while we execute your marketing or production plans seamlessly.

Let’s collaborate to deliver simply exceptional products together.

Key Services


Consumers love variety packs! Exceptional value to your market by providing variety and diversity through the combination of multiple products. We can do this for you.

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Effectively assemble your custom retail displays, load them with your products, and make them ready for distribution. Let us help showcase your product.


Bring WG's unmatched skill and expertise into your facilities to efficiently manage co-packing and co-manufacturing for ambient, frozen, and refrigerated products.


Unlock the potential of your brand with our tailored private label food solutions. From collaborating with retailers and food manufacturers to creating unique offerings like S’mores Kits and Gingerbread Kits, to exploring innovative combinations such as sweet and salty items, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality.

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We expertly fill pouches with a range of products, sealing them for ultimate safety and freshness. From chocolates and nuts to candies, seeds, flow wrap bars, and cookies, we handle it all with precision. Choose WG for excellence in every pouch.

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Explore WG exceptional Kitting and Assembly services, where creativity meets efficiency. From crafting enticing food kits like s’mores, gingerbread houses, and baking kits, to assembling luxurious Advent Calendars featuring chocolates, tea, and perfumes, we excel in delivering memorable experiences for your customers. Let us elevate your products with our expertise in packaging and presentation.


Explore our exclusive 6000 sq ft facility tailored for cold and frozen food repackaging needs. Our versatile services include multi-packs, carton filling, pouch filling, over-relabeling, display building, kitting, re-work, and more.


Let WG perform its re-work magic on unexpected errors. Our team of experts is always available to consult and assist on re-work projects. The most common re-work projects involve labels, displays, and packaging.

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WG offers a suite of solutions to pack your products in appropriate cartons, according to your exact specifications.Our high-speed carton line efficiently assembles outer display cartons as per your custom needs. We can fill cartons, or other packaging materials, with a variety of goods and customer-supplied products.

WHY Partner with WG


We retain 90% of our employees,including industry veterans with over three decade of experience




With over 30 + years of experience, we’ve honed our expertise in serving diverse industries including Food, Beverage, Frozen, Refrigerated, Cosmetics, and Pharma.



Leading the industry as Canada’s first co-packer to implement cutting-edge robotics, enhancing efficiency  and precision.



Combined with innovative manufacturing strategies, we have automated the process for variety packs reducing labour costs by 80 percent.



Discover our dedicated Peanut and Tree Nut-Free area, where safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. Certified 100% nut-free, this specialized zone is meticulously maintained by our nut-free team, ensuring a worry-free environment for all.



Discover our 6000 sq ft Cold/Frozen Area, offering round-the-clock production and a secured yard for your peace of mind.


and maintain a BRC “A” rating under  the Global Food  Safety Initiative




Unmatched production capability 

Co-packing has two very distinct perspectives: marketing and logistics.

In terms of marketing, it enables increased visibility of products through seasonal packaging, promotional sets, multipacks, or by featuring a main product with a sample included.

In the dynamic world of commerce, having a specialized co-packer on your side can be a game-changer.

Meet WG, your strategic ally in the pursuit of success. Instead of pouring resources into physical expansion, trust us to be the driving force behind your competitive edge.
Consider us as an indispensable extension of your business—a dynamic partner dedicated to swiftly launching your products into the market.

At WG, we thrive on the thrill of meeting demands and embracing change. Why? Because we boast the prowess, proficiency, and operational finesse to not just meet but exceed your expectations


Since our inception in 1993, we embarked on our co-packing journey within a modest 9,000 square-foot facility.

Originally focused on managing reclaimed and returned products for a prominent pharmaceutical company specializing in foot and skin care, WG has transformed over three decades. Today, we stand as a cutting-edge operation, boasting facilities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Lethbridge,Alberta. Expertly managing a diverse array of products spanning various industries on a global scale.

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