Perfect Packaging Made Simple - Trust Us for Your Food Co-Packaging Needs!

Experience has taught us the intricacies of packaging and selling food. When it comes to your food packaging needs, we’ve mastered the art. Our team ensures every aspect is considered, simplifying the process for you. From late-night cravings to nutritious meals, from baby food to pet treats, trust us to handle your co-packaging requirements seamlessly.

We offer co-packaging automation specifically designed for bagging, wrapping and container filling snack foods.

Our food packaging solutions include flow wrapping energy bars, premade pouch filling, vertical form fill and seal bagging chips, cookies and popcorn. We also specialize in filling nuts in jars or plastic containers.

Food Co-Packing For


Confectionery items ready for their primary package

Confectionery either wrapped or naked we can feed, weigh, or count them into the correct package with precise measurements and maximized efficiency every time.

Confectionery Pre-Packaged

Primary Packaged Confectionery items

Primary Packaged items can be counted or weighed into a larger mix package or container.

Salty Snacks Chips and Crackers

Chips, crackers, Pretzels etc…accurately weighed at slow or high speeds. Large to small volume solutions for weighing and primary packaging.


Snacks come in all shapes, sizes, texture, and flavours and our co packing solutions  can meet the needs of any product or package.

Seeds and Grains

From larger products like sunflower seeds, corn kernels, and rice to smaller options like wheat, flaxseeds, or quinoa, our equipment caters to your unique size, shape, and consistency.

Flow Wrapped Bars

Individually flow wrapped items also called Pillow Pack. 2 end seals and one fin seal. Very common for wrapping bars, granola, chocolate etc…


Dairy products, cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, butter, etc…

Offering co packing solutions that ensures efficient, hygienic, and precise packaging processes, maintaining the freshness, quality, and integrity of all dairy products.

Frozen & Refrigerated Foods

Frozen & Refrigerated food items coming directly from a freezer to package.

WG provides reliable sealing to prevent freezer burn, efficient handling of cold temperatures, proper portioning, and increased food safety features such as; sanitary designs, easy-to-clean surfaces, and strict adherence to regulatory standards.

Consumer Goods

Consumers demand excellence, and we’re here to help you exceed those expectations. From cutting-edge consumer products to precision equipment and essential supplies, our co-packing solutions empower your brand to stand out in this dynamic market while ensuring swift market entry. Trends, regulations, and innovation significantly impact buyer decisions. Partnering with us equips you with innovative co-packing strategies tailored to consumer products, covering meticulous packaging, kitting, and specialized bundling, ensuring your products are positioned impeccably to meet evolving industry demands.

Cosmetic, Hair & Body Care

Products that help you look good deserve beautiful packaging.

WG facilities are designed to provide optimum conditions for the co-packaging and kitting of many different types of beauty and cosmetic products. We co-package and kit a wide variety of cosmetic, beauty and personal hygiene brands that give customers added pampering and a boost of confidence.

Cosmetics : Blush Products, Bronzers, Concealer, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Foundation, Lipstick and Lip Products, Mascara, Mineral Makeup, Nail Polish, PowdersAnd More

Hair & Body Care: Body Cleansers, Hair Care Products, Perfume, Shampoo and Conditioner, Styling Products

Health Food Products

The right package makes it easy to choose health foods over traditional alternatives.

WG works diligently to package and manufacture health food items with the strictest adherence to safety and quality standards, earning the attention of customers.

Health Products: Cereal, Granola Bars, Health Drinks, Low-Fat Cheese, Whole Grain Products, Vitamins, Yogurt And More


In today’s bustling beverage market, competition abounds from both established giants to niche players offering unique blends and specialties. From microbrews to organic concoctions, the array of options is endless. At WG, we understand the evolving demands of this dynamic industry. Our tailored packaging solutions cater to diverse needs, whether your product is destined for major retailers, boutique shops, or exclusive events. We don’t just deliver packaging; we elevate your brand, ensuring your beverage stands out on every shelf and remains top-of-mind for consumers.